Ghaya Pharmacy

Pharmacy - Retail

Saudi Arabia

Project Scope

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Offered Products

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Human Capital

Implemented Modules

Retail Management & Point of Sale (POS)
Financial Management 
Trade & Logistics (Purchasing, Inventory & Warehouse Management)
MBS Human Capital (Localized HR & Payroll)

Project Brief

Partnering for success Story

Our Pharmacy retail success story

ERP implementations could be daunting and a tricky path.

In order to succeed a trilogy of partner, customer and technology should be just right. When you run a huge chain of pharmacies of 100+ stores you need to have a precise supply chain operation that could only be done using the right information system and a skilled implementor that knows the software and the customer needs. Ghaya Pharmacies based in Mekka KSA, in a move targeting stability and successful digital transformation to expand the horizon of growth and scalability Selected MS AX 2012, for retail and MBS Egypt to lead this huge project. With lots of challenges and through complicated retail business we managed together to succeed back in 2017 in this implementation. As a satisfied customer we decided to start again a new success story. In constantly dynamic environment and with the fast based industry they decided to cope the latest technology and again they selected MS Dynamics 365FO and MBS to lead the success. Faced by the new legalization of KSA regarding the e-invoice, e-receipt and the growth after the business re-engineering that was done in phase one Ghaya Pharmacies was ready to leap into the era of customer satisfaction. Online orders and omni channels are growing, business is flourishing even after a two year of COVID-19 the company is still growing, with better insights and more advanced features a lot of previous customizations ware avoided. More needs are now available for fulfilment. With advanced warehouse management and items GTIN feature and QR scanning the stores as well as the warehouses are able now to perform more smoothly and to track items more precisely, leading to reduced expiry and better stock control hence increased revenue and better compliance to the new legalizations performed by the KSA MOH.

Now with MS Dynamics 365 FO commerce and MBS, Ghaya Pharmacies are on the right path to become one of the market leaders in KSA

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