MBS Loaner is an advanced solution designed to automate the lending procedure and facilitate the loan documentation process for associations and entities that provide micro, small and medium loans for Egyptian individuals and that are mostly registered under the “Egyptian Social Fund of Development”.

Solutions Include

Based on comprehensive reporting tool, MBS Loaner provides a strong data consolidation functionality, as well as built-in capabilities for data standardization across all subsidiaries. Thus, it provides the needed insights for long-term planning purposes and informed decision-making.
o   Design and manage loan packages.
o   Register customers and loan borrower information.
o   Group customers according to common criteria.
o   Manage and control information and process databases across branches.
o   Manage and track loan processes, workflow and payments.
o   Apply payment terms and financial penalties on various loans.
o   Manage and apply loan rescheduling.
o   Manage and control related documents over their entire lifecycle.
o   Generate comprehensive reports using customized reports or ready-made templates.

MBS Loaner is a dynamic, flexible and easy-to-use platform developed to simplify the entire lending lifecycle by facilitating and automating loan-related documents and business processes. From loan origination to debt settlement, the solution helps lending entities to achieve competency and efficiency by improving their turnaround time, optimizing operational costs and thus providing better services for customers.

Integrated Modules