Vehicles Workshop Management (VWM) is a grandstanding solution that manages the daily operations and related assets for automotive & equipment workshops. VWM provides real-time workshop management including access and control over vehicles information, cost operations, inventory, workshop sales and invoicing processes.

Solutions Include

VWM manages workshop planning,  labor scheduling, workshop inventory, vehicle inspections,  job cards, stock control, warranty control and invoicing and it delivers a comprehensive set of reporting features on labor efficiency, sales and margins achieved.
Workshop managers can establish exactly how much income is earned per working day, what the operating costs are and the margins taken on each job. This information will highlight efficiencies that can be achieved.
o   Register information including model, manufacturer and age.
o   Manage workshop operations and related assets.
o   Calculate income and take control over operational costs.

VWM is a user-friendly platform designed to enable workshop managers to have a firm grip over the workshop operations and obtain real-time informative insights about any of the operational aspects through its comprehensive reporting capabilities that made informed decisions about areas of potential improvement.

Integrated Modules