PMS is the best-in-class Poultry Management System that is specially developed to manage the poultry production cycle and supply chain operations covering the specific needs of poultry production companies and Farms.

Solutions Include

Manage all poultry production and supply chain operations.
Get benefit from a flexible and dynamic system that supports the multiple variations of broilers, flocks, production phases and schedules, cycle procedures and user-defined codes.
Track and monitor all cost operations effectively.

PMS is a fully-secured easy-to-use platform supporting multiple languages and currencies. The cutting-edge system is designed to increase the productivity of poultry farms by automating the core area processes regarding the farm, hatchery, feed, broiler and medical aspects, as well as the related planning, preparation and production operations. MBS collaborative system acts as a single platform from which all poultry farm-related procedures can be centrally managed and controlled, with gained insightful visibility provided by the all-inclusive customizable and ready-made reports to detect areas of potential threats and promises for improvement.'

Integrated Modules